Some of My Crochet Shawls Designs

I design my own shawls as well as some I have crocheted for others as gifts. Some have a kite/triangle shape while others I crochet the triangles then crocheted them together for giving it a whole new look and shape.  Some I have crocheted turning the work after every row method.  Some are rectangles crocheted with no increases or decreases and some are trapezoids crocheted with decreasing on both sides of the shawl.  Some are made like a half circle while others look like I have cut a piece out of a rectangle.  Many have one color but some have 2 or more colors.  All will keep you warm and feeling dressed up even in casual clothes.

Here are the pictures for just a few.

Shaw or blanket it is warm.

Country Blue Triangular shawl

Earth Tone Shaw

Counrty rose shawl with funky trim

Two Shawls with two looks


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