More Hats I have Crochet

   I often crochet hats to give to others as a gift.  I also have crocheted hats and caps to sell.  The only different is the ones I crochet to sell there is no one to tell me what colors I can make the hat as I have not met the potential customer yet.

These are some of the hats I have crocheted.  Some in cotton and others in acrylic yarn.  All are crocheted it women and men alike.  Anyone of these hats I am willing to crochet for you in the color of your choice.

 The hat on the left was crocheted using cotton yarn.  It is the same hat I have on.  All I did was turn up the brim to make it look more stylish.  It was designed for the summer.   

The other three are crocheted in acrylic yarn and designed for the winter.  I crocheted each one in a different style but they are all the same easy to put wear kind. Each one comes to just below the ears or mid-ear depending on the wearer.   The orange and blue hat is shown on a little girl but we tucked her hair up under the hat as it was braided.

Scroll down to see more hats both in cotton and acrylic yarns and all crocheted my me.

Stripped Cap


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