Daughter’s birthday gift

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I crocheted a hat my daughter asked me to crochet for her birthday.  She went with me to pick out the colors she wanted it to be. She said she wanted it bright.  I picked up yarn I thought was bright. She kept saying to me it was not bright enough. I finally stepped back and let her pick what she wanted.  We ended up with Caron Simply Soft as they have the brighter yarns.  We also had to go to 2 different stores in to different cities to get the yarn. 

One thing I like about it is now I have yarn to crochet more hats or even a shrug to go with the hat.  I have a few months to decide as it is only June and Christmas is half a year away.


Free yarn give away!!!

I entered a contest to win and you can too all you have to do is follow this link.  Click here: http://www.allfreecrochet.com/sweeps/Fair-Trade-Recycled-Silk-Sari-Ribbon-Yarn/ml/1. You will have to fill in some information about yourself like your name and email address.

Sky caps also known as the Santa Hat by Marion Davis

These are not first ski cap I crocheted.  I have crocheted many of these over the years and everyone that I crochet is one more that gets me an order for another one.  The ones I have post pictures of were all crocheted during the period from December 2011 to January 2012. Many while I road the bus shopping for other items. I crochet them in as many colors as people would like.  I do not just crochet them in red and white.  I have used black and brown, navy and white, pink, pink and purple, navy and white, orange and royal blue, black and white, berry and holly & ivy and pine, as well as multi-color and gray.  The possibilities are endless as the color of yarn combinations.

But it is the first one that I crocheted using post stitches as the brim trim. I gave this one to a friend as a gift last winter. I then had to crochet one for all of the many children at her house.  Each one posted here was crocheted because of this one hat I crocheted to give to my friend.  Crochet one and everyone wants one but in their choice of colors. Here below are the others I crochet just because I crocheted this one cap.

The pink and purple one was one of the caps I crocheted as another gift.  This time for a winter birthday. 

Pink and Purple Ski Cap     

Below is Isaiah ski cap.  This one was crocheted just for Isaiah using a multi-color and gray color also I used some scrap yarns.  The reasoning behind this is Isaiah is “all boy” and likes bright colors.  I wanted a hat that when he lost it as school or left on a bus it would be easily spotted.  

Ski cap in black and orange was crocheted because my son’s friend wore her’s to school and wanted one in a school color.

Each ski cap was made to order so each wearer now has the color cap that he or she wants to wear.  I asked what the favorite colors were for each person before I crocheted them.  Many were crocheted while I was riding the bus and going to take care of other errands.Each cap was crocheted using yarn I had left over from other crochet projects.  I used yarn that is machine washable and machine dry-able so that it would be easier to take care of it.

White and Red Ski Cap

White and Red Ski Cap

Brown and Black Ski Cap

Crocheted cap in brown and black for a young man.

Isaiah’s Ski Cap

Gray and multi-color ski capAll ski cap shown here were crocheted as a gift.  I would however crochet a ski cap in a color or colors that you choose. Please leave me a comment here if you would like.  Prices will not be discussed in discussions.  I will never post a price here as all prices are subject to change just as the price of anything changes.

My Stocking Cap

My Stocking Cap right view.