I have entered this contest


I have entered this contest to win yarn. Yes, year. It is not just any year but year that is made of banana fiber. Here is the link so you can enter the contest too.  http://www.allfreecrochet.com/sweeps/Banana-Fiber-Yarn/ml/1 But personally I hope I win. But if you do please let me know more about the yarn. I believe the one on the right has beads that are already part of the yarn do one would not have to thread them on the yarn first before crocheting something with beads. Both look like they would be fun to use.


Crocheting a Baby Blanket

I am crocheting two baby blankets for a new mom.  She asked me if I would crochet a baby blanket for her for the baby girl that is due in August of this year. After finding out that the baby is a girl she told me the room is green, pink and yellow.  I then told her to make sure I was invited to the baby shower and I would then have it ready by then.  I decided to crochet her two blankets, one for the car seat and one for the baby to use as a toddler.

I am using some sport weight yarn for the first blanket.  It is going to be for the baby car seat.  I have worked a hole into it for the crouch strap to come up through.  It is pink and white variegated, lavender, and green so far. I have to find some yellow to put with it.  I have been given so much yarn that I have desired to use what I have on hand and not go buy any more yarn.

The other blanket is going to be made with some already leftover granny squares I was saving for a time like this.  I have taken pictures of them as I laid them out on my bed to try to see how they would look.  This one is going to have many colors and many textures of yarn.  Some are soft and some will soften up as it is washed.  This is like a learning blanket.  I also plan to find some white or off white to crochet them together and to trim or edge the whole blanket. 

I will also finish a sweater I have been working on that was intended for my granddaughter but will fit a baby at age 4 to 8 months old.  My granddaughter is growing faster than I can crochet for her.  The sweater I crochet for my granddaughter will be much bigger than I had been told she wore.  All in all I have much crocheting to do and a little bit of time to get in all crocheted.

Pictures to come.

Crochet for children

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I crocheted these 3 sweaters

I crochet 3 sweaters each for a little girl.

This is the sweater for the 5 year old.

Back of sweater
This is the back of the sweater for the 5 year old.[slideshow]


I was crocheting a sweater for my oldest granddaughter that I thought she could grow into. I am trying the sweater on her as I was working on it. It just so happens that the short little girl started a big growth spurt as I started the sweater. It is now too small for her. I have not had that problem since her aunt was little about 27 years ago.

Back then I was crocheting a little jumper for my oldest daughter. By the time I finished it a week later she had grown to the point it was 2 sizes too small. I then saved it for her little sister the mother of my granddaughters. She wore the jumper to day care as did their younger sister. It was too warm for them to wear often as we live in a warm climate.

I am now looking for white yarn in a sport weight so the sweaters will be used when in the A/C. The sport weight yarn is also good for young children to wear as many times worsted weight yarn is too hot for them. Unless it is outdoor winter wear then the lighter weights are best. 

I finished the sweater that I started because I thought I will give it as part of a baby shower gift next month.  I also have a white sweater and a white with off white sweater crocheted in the worsted weight for my granddaughters. These sweaters are long sleeve bulky looking that I did with a 9 mm hook for most if it and then the lower part of the sleeves I switched to a 6.5 mm hook. I added one set of ties to the front of the white one and I think I will put 2 sets of ties on the other one.

I had also crochet two Rapunzel hats for the granddaughters as well.  One is done in rose with a pink flower and the other is pink with a rose color flower so the girls will know that it is theirs and the other one is her sister’s hat.  I hope their mom will be ok with it as she thinks they should be the same.  The one for the younger child has shorter braids and the older child’s hat has longer braids.

Many baby or children’s blankets can be crocheted in sport weight of worsted weight as well as the sweaters and jumpers.  Many times the children will like bright colors but adults prefer pastel colors for children’s blankets.  I like to ask what the child’s favorite colors are so the child will want to use the blanket.  I also like to as what the parents preferences are if the blanket is for a newborn.  

      Many times I crochet the colors of the parent’s favorite sport team.  This makes for non-traditional colors for a baby blanket.  Many sport teams use bright and/or contrasting colors.  Babies and young children like bright colors and contrasting colors.  They do not like pastel colors as much as pastels look blurry and the bright colors catch their eyes better thus helping with eye sight in the growing child.

Note: The picture of the blanket is crocheted in royal blue and orange is for my daughter the mother of my granddaughters and my “Gator” fan in my family.