Why I changed the name of my Facebook page


I changed my Facebook page name from “icrochetforyou.com” to “I crochet for others”.  Why change the name you ask.  I no longer have a dot com and I do crochet for other people.  I also donate much of what I crochet.  I am going to give most of the baby hats to a pregnancy crisis center.  The children sweaters I am sending to an organization that helps children around the world.  I am donating to two Christian outreach ministries I have been volunteering with for the last few years to help then raise funds.

I have plans to help those in need instead of trying to sell my crochet fashions.  I will still sell but only when I am asked and the person offers to pay for what they want.  Anything I crochet for the pleasure will be donated to help the poor and underprivileged as I know this is what I am asked to do by God.