Crocheted Coasters

Granny square Coaster using Cotton Yarn

Granny square Coaster using Cotton Yarn

I crocheted many coaster in July. I crocheted more in August and then many more in September and October and November. I finally counted the ones I gave away as gifts to come to over 130 coasters. Here is the brake down on the coasters. I gave 12 as gift at a bridal shower. Then I gave 4 more away as a birthday gift. I gave away 130 at a Jesus Birthday party to single mother’s and 2 more as gifts just because I wanted to give them away.

I used cotton yarn of all kinds of brands that I had left over or had bought and stashed away to crochet all the coasters.  All can be machine washed and dried.  Some as you can see have more than one color and some I used up scraps to make them.  I crocheted many in one color or from one strand of yarn. The ones I ran out of yarn in the middle of the round I just added another color of yarn till that color ran out and changed the yarn again till I finished the coaster.  All were crocheted in three rounds of double crochet and then one round of single crochet followed by one round of reverse single crochet stitches.


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