Crocheted Fashions for Ministry at Church

I am now volunteering with a bread and food ministry at my church that also has a table that we put out used clothing for the taking.  As I help hand out the food I noticed many children.  Many of them look like they are wearing hand-me-down clothes.  I have started to crochet hats to hand out when the weather gets colder here in sunny Florida.  I am hoping that the parents and grandparents will give them to the little ones to wear during our short winter and then save them for them to wear the following year.  Many of the hats will also fit the older children and the adults as I make them to fit me or larger.  I also have scarves for them as well and for the adults.  Some of the scarves are those fashion ruffle style that can be worn while dressed up in nicer clothes for going to parties or church.  Many of them are more for fun or just warmth.


2 thoughts on “Crocheted Fashions for Ministry at Church

  1. I first learned to crochet and now I mostly knit. I am in Minnesota. I knit hats and mittens for kids who need the, So nice to know someone else making things for kids 🙂

    • Laura, Thank you for your comments. I have been crocheting for children since I started to crochet back in 1972. Even then it was for someone else children. The coasters I posted about were crocheted for single mothers and their children and I gave them out at a Christmas party I attended in December, 2014.

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