Crochet Sweaters for Reborn Baby Dolls

I stared to crochet for new babies when ever I got invited to a baby shower.  I crochet the sweaters big enough so that the new little one can grow into them. I all got started about the time the little one in the top picture was born. He is in middle school at this writing.

Then I showed them to my step-daughter and she liked them so well I was then asked to crochet some sweaters for her “Reborn Babies” that she makes. Because she sells more of them to people at Christmas time they look even cuter wearing a crocheted hat and sweater set. They wear a newborn or even a preemie size sweater so now I have been crocheting them to fit a 3 to 5 pound baby. The yarn I use is thinner than what I use for the 18 month size and so the hook I use is smaller too by believe me there is the same amount of work that goes into crocheting them.

I crochet the Reborn Baby sweaters the same styles as I crochet sweaters for human children

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This too was crocheted for a real person. The daddy is holding the sweater and the hat is on his lap. Taken at a baby shower.

I was told that weather can damage their “skin” so the Reborn Babies must be covered so they do not get cold or melt. Because it is hot where we live we cannot leave it in a car when we go out any place. We take it into the stores and restaurants with us. This draws attention when we are out with one but the crocheted sweater and hat get noticed almost as much. That is good business for me. I get to make a sweater and a hat for each one sold to someone.

New born size sweater.

Crochet hexagon sweater in Christmas colors.

I have included this link so that you can look them up for yourself.


I am Back and Baby Sweaters to Talk About

Pink and Rose sweater and hat set.

Pink and Rose sweater and hat set.

04/29/2014 I wrote the following:

I have been away from this blog for a while because I have been crocheting for babies.  I crocheted a sweater for 2 baby girls who are cousins.  There mothers are sisters.  I also crocheted for 2 more girl babies that their mothers attend the same Bible study group I attend.  Now I am crocheting for 2 more babies that are cousins.  A blond boy and the other a redhead adorable girl.  These mothers are sisters and my nieces.  I have also crocheted some baby items for a single mothers outreach fundraiser.

I plan to be writing more on this blog.  I also plan to post more pictures of my crochet work.


I am really back.  I had to reset my password to this blog.  Now I can blog again!  Be sure to scroll all the way down to see all the pictures.

I was asked to crochet some more sweaters for my baby girls that are cousins.  These babies are almost a year old not and they have a boy cousin that is about a month old at this writing. I have been asked to crochet him a sweater also.  I have three sweaters finished and  I have to finish the sleeve on one sweater.

I have one more to crochet for the 3-year-old little girl who was wearing a sweater one day when her mom posted a picture to her Facebook timeline.  The pink and rose sweater was one I just happened to include in the box when I shipped the baby sweaters to her mom.  The talk was not about what the child was doing but about the sweater she was wearing.  That is when I was asked to crochet the sweaters I am now have to yet to crochet and the ones waiting to be shipped.


Washable sweater is good for tots.

Washable sweater is good for tots.



Pink sweater WIP

Pink sweater WIP


Mint sweater in size 18 to 24 month.

Mint sweater in size 18 to 24 month.