More Crochet Fashion For ESTHER Single Mother’s Outreach Ministry Moms

Shawls, Shawlettes and Scarves

Here are more of what I am planning on giving to the single mothers that are members of ESTHER Single Mother’s Outreach Ministry.  Some of the items will be given to their children because I made them in a smaller size.


Purple is a favorite amoung the women.

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Crocheting for Single Moms

     I have been crocheting since last November for Christmas 2017.  Why so early a start? I was crocheting gift for my family then was told we were not getting together for Christmas. I then decided that I would gift them to the single mothers I used to attend a weekly Bible study with. So now I had a good start on what I am giving to them to say thank you for being a good friend.

     Another reason I am crocheting for this group is because I have a large amount of yarn that my husband thinks it in the way of is hobby, trains. Some of my yarn is stored underneath his model train set up on a platform. I would like to use much of the yarn as I can so I can store less used items there.  Much of the yarn used was left over from other projects or part of a skein some one had given me. This is a good why to make use of all this yarn.

     In the slide show is just some of what I have been crocheting. All items are finished at the time I posted the pictures.



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     I have a need for a manikin so I can take better pictures of hats.  I crochet much better than I take pictures of what I crochet.

ESTHER Single Mother’s Outreach

Founded in 2006

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the spiritual, emotional, & physical needs of single mothers and their children. We accomplish this by encouraging healthy relationships while providing mothers and children with a safe harbor for healing and restoration.

To bring COMPLETE wholeness to the hearts and minds of single mothers and their children.We are founded by a core of beliefs to:
Encourage: to inspire with courage and confidence.  Strengthen: to make and grow stronger…Teach: impart knowledge and skills to help learn as by example.  Help: to provide what is necessary to accomplish a task or satisfy a need.  Equip: to prepare intellectually.  Restore: to bring back to an original or former, more desirable condition.

Learn more about this group here on Facebook: and on their website:

Crochet Sweaters for Reborn Baby Dolls

I stared to crochet for new babies when ever I got invited to a baby shower.  I crochet the sweaters big enough so that the new little one can grow into them. I all got started about the time the little one in the top picture was born. He is in middle school at this writing.

Then I showed them to my step-daughter and she liked them so well I was then asked to crochet some sweaters for her “Reborn Babies” that she makes. Because she sells more of them to people at Christmas time they look even cuter wearing a crocheted hat and sweater set. They wear a newborn or even a preemie size sweater so now I have been crocheting them to fit a 3 to 5 pound baby. The yarn I use is thinner than what I use for the 18 month size and so the hook I use is smaller too by believe me there is the same amount of work that goes into crocheting them.

I crochet the Reborn Baby sweaters the same styles as I crochet sweaters for human children

1430148675127 (2)

This too was crocheted for a real person. The daddy is holding the sweater and the hat is on his lap. Taken at a baby shower.

I was told that weather can damage their “skin” so the Reborn Babies must be covered so they do not get cold or melt. Because it is hot where we live we cannot leave it in a car when we go out any place. We take it into the stores and restaurants with us. This draws attention when we are out with one but the crocheted sweater and hat get noticed almost as much. That is good business for me. I get to make a sweater and a hat for each one sold to someone.

New born size sweater.

Crochet hexagon sweater in Christmas colors.

I have included this link so that you can look them up for yourself.

Crocheted Fashions for Ministry at Church

I am now volunteering with a bread and food ministry at my church that also has a table that we put out used clothing for the taking.  As I help hand out the food I noticed many children.  Many of them look like they are wearing hand-me-down clothes.  I have started to crochet hats to hand out when the weather gets colder here in sunny Florida.  I am hoping that the parents and grandparents will give them to the little ones to wear during our short winter and then save them for them to wear the following year.  Many of the hats will also fit the older children and the adults as I make them to fit me or larger.  I also have scarves for them as well and for the adults.  Some of the scarves are those fashion ruffle style that can be worn while dressed up in nicer clothes for going to parties or church.  Many of them are more for fun or just warmth.

Crocheted Coasters

Granny square Coaster using Cotton Yarn

Granny square Coaster using Cotton Yarn

I crocheted many coaster in July. I crocheted more in August and then many more in September and October and November. I finally counted the ones I gave away as gifts to come to over 130 coasters. Here is the brake down on the coasters. I gave 12 as gift at a bridal shower. Then I gave 4 more away as a birthday gift. I gave away 130 at a Jesus Birthday party to single mother’s and 2 more as gifts just because I wanted to give them away.

I used cotton yarn of all kinds of brands that I had left over or had bought and stashed away to crochet all the coasters.  All can be machine washed and dried.  Some as you can see have more than one color and some I used up scraps to make them.  I crocheted many in one color or from one strand of yarn. The ones I ran out of yarn in the middle of the round I just added another color of yarn till that color ran out and changed the yarn again till I finished the coaster.  All were crocheted in three rounds of double crochet and then one round of single crochet followed by one round of reverse single crochet stitches.

Crochet Pattern for Ski Cap

Shorter hat

Shorter hat

Hat Pic 4
This cap was crocheted for this little guy.

This cap was crocheted for this little guy.

This is my burnt orange color ski cap.

This is my burnt orange color ski cap.

I crochet a ski cap from my own pattern. I adjust it to fit any size head from preemie to extra-Large man size. I use measurements to get the size I need and do not worry about a gauge. I also can use any yarn I want to crochet this pattern.
Please DO Not publish this pattern without asking me first. Enjoy it.
Here is the pattern.

Marion’s Easy Ski Cap
Supplies used:
Note pad and pen or pencil
Bulky yarn if you want a very warm hat about 6 ounces
Worsted weight yarn for warm hat about 3 ounces or more
Sport weight for a lighter hat or baby hat about 3 ounces as I am guessing here.
Crochet hooks suggestion: J or K for adults if using the worsted weight yarn or bulky yarn. Use a H or I for a sport weight yarn.
Tape measure that can go around the head
Note: Start by taking the measurements of the wearer’s head from the middle of the head to the bottom of ear. Then add the length of the ear. Write this down on paper.
Then take and measure around the hair line going over the ears. Write this measurement down also.
Start by chaining a length that is just slightly smaller than the length of the first measurement. NOTE: Make sure you chain loosely or with a larger hook than what you will be using it crochet the hat.
Row 1: DC in each stich to almost the end. When you have 6 chains left then HDC in the next 2 chains, SC in the next 3 chains. Chain 1 and turn. Note: Chain 1 does NOT equal a SC in this pattern.
Row 2: SC in the first 3 stitches then HDC in the next 3 stitches then DC to the end. Chain 2 and turn. Note: chain 2 does NOT equal a DC in this pattern.
Row 3: DC crochet in all DC stitches of previous rows, HDC in all HDC and SC in all SC, chain 1 and turn.
Continue repeating rows 2 and 3 till the piece will equal to the second measurement or diameter of the wearer’s head when slightly stretched.
Finishing: Slip stich the last row to the starting chain. Do this by using the back loops of the last row and the unused loops of the starting chain. Then take and sew the crown of hat closed. I do this with yarn.
Attach yarn to the bottom of hat and then SC around the hat, join with a Slip stitch then chain 1 and turn REV SC around and weave in ends. Pom-pom or any other trim can be added.

Men wear then too.

Men wear then too.

This is the same pattern.

This is the same pattern.

Two colors

Two colors

Hat pic 16

Hat Pic 18

Hat pic 25

My Crochet Bag and How I Changed a Pattern

Close up of the bag

Close up of the bag

This is my green and black bag.

This is my green and black bag.

Materials used:

Worsted weight yarn

Main color: Black

Contrast color: Green

Other colors: scraps

Button of your choice (I used one that came in a pack of 6 that I had left over and matched)

Crochet hook size K

Note:  I saw a pattern I want to make but I changed my mine half way through the first half of the pattern.  Here is the link

I started the pattern as written but then I knew I did not have enough green to make the tote and thought I would make shoulder bag instead.  I had my gauge a little tighter so I added a few more chains to start than it called for so I ended up with an 8 inch by 11 1/2 inch bag.  My strap is 3 inches wide.  I trimmed it in just a single strand of yarn around the strap as it was easier to work with.

The rest of the bag is worked using 2 strands of worsted weight or number 4 yarn.  One color, black, is worked all the way through while I changed the color for the bag by dropping the green and adding another strand of yarn as I went.  I used up some very small balls of yarn for this part.

I added a flap to my bag so that it has to be opened to take things out.  I crocheted one strap so I can wear it across my chest.
When I got the first half of the first part of the pattern crocheted I then folded my piece and stitch it on the one side and around the corner and across the bottom. I then wove in the end all the way to the other side and back as the first row is a double crochet in very stitch row. This also brought the color I used at the top to the bottom of the bag. I then used the two colors I started with for the straps and the flap. I single crocheted them to make for less stretch in the bag. The bag does not need lining as it is very tight and I will not be putting small items that will poke through into it. I worked in my ends as I went along so I did not have to weave in any but at the part I mentioned.

If you like this bag and do not crochet please let me know in the comments as to your color choice. I will be happy to crochet you one.