Crochet Sweaters for Reborn Baby Dolls

I stared to crochet for new babies when ever I got invited to a baby shower.  I crochet the sweaters big enough so that the new little one can grow into them. I all got started about the time the little one in the top picture was born. He is in middle school at this writing.

Then I showed them to my step-daughter and she liked them so well I was then asked to crochet some sweaters for her “Reborn Babies” that she makes. Because she sells more of them to people at Christmas time they look even cuter wearing a crocheted hat and sweater set. They wear a newborn or even a preemie size sweater so now I have been crocheting them to fit a 3 to 5 pound baby. The yarn I use is thinner than what I use for the 18 month size and so the hook I use is smaller too by believe me there is the same amount of work that goes into crocheting them.

I crochet the Reborn Baby sweaters the same styles as I crochet sweaters for human children

1430148675127 (2)

This too was crocheted for a real person. The daddy is holding the sweater and the hat is on his lap. Taken at a baby shower.

I was told that weather can damage their “skin” so the Reborn Babies must be covered so they do not get cold or melt. Because it is hot where we live we cannot leave it in a car when we go out any place. We take it into the stores and restaurants with us. This draws attention when we are out with one but the crocheted sweater and hat get noticed almost as much. That is good business for me. I get to make a sweater and a hat for each one sold to someone.

New born size sweater.

Crochet hexagon sweater in Christmas colors.

I have included this link so that you can look them up for yourself.


Crochet Pattern for Ski Cap

Shorter hat

Shorter hat

Hat Pic 4
This cap was crocheted for this little guy.

This cap was crocheted for this little guy.

This is my burnt orange color ski cap.

This is my burnt orange color ski cap.

I crochet a ski cap from my own pattern. I adjust it to fit any size head from preemie to extra-Large man size. I use measurements to get the size I need and do not worry about a gauge. I also can use any yarn I want to crochet this pattern.
Please DO Not publish this pattern without asking me first. Enjoy it.
Here is the pattern.

Marion’s Easy Ski Cap
Supplies used:
Note pad and pen or pencil
Bulky yarn if you want a very warm hat about 6 ounces
Worsted weight yarn for warm hat about 3 ounces or more
Sport weight for a lighter hat or baby hat about 3 ounces as I am guessing here.
Crochet hooks suggestion: J or K for adults if using the worsted weight yarn or bulky yarn. Use a H or I for a sport weight yarn.
Tape measure that can go around the head
Note: Start by taking the measurements of the wearer’s head from the middle of the head to the bottom of ear. Then add the length of the ear. Write this down on paper.
Then take and measure around the hair line going over the ears. Write this measurement down also.
Start by chaining a length that is just slightly smaller than the length of the first measurement. NOTE: Make sure you chain loosely or with a larger hook than what you will be using it crochet the hat.
Row 1: DC in each stich to almost the end. When you have 6 chains left then HDC in the next 2 chains, SC in the next 3 chains. Chain 1 and turn. Note: Chain 1 does NOT equal a SC in this pattern.
Row 2: SC in the first 3 stitches then HDC in the next 3 stitches then DC to the end. Chain 2 and turn. Note: chain 2 does NOT equal a DC in this pattern.
Row 3: DC crochet in all DC stitches of previous rows, HDC in all HDC and SC in all SC, chain 1 and turn.
Continue repeating rows 2 and 3 till the piece will equal to the second measurement or diameter of the wearer’s head when slightly stretched.
Finishing: Slip stich the last row to the starting chain. Do this by using the back loops of the last row and the unused loops of the starting chain. Then take and sew the crown of hat closed. I do this with yarn.
Attach yarn to the bottom of hat and then SC around the hat, join with a Slip stitch then chain 1 and turn REV SC around and weave in ends. Pom-pom or any other trim can be added.

Men wear then too.

Men wear then too.

This is the same pattern.

This is the same pattern.

Two colors

Two colors

Hat pic 16

Hat Pic 18

Hat pic 25

Crocheting a Baby Blanket

I am crocheting two baby blankets for a new mom.  She asked me if I would crochet a baby blanket for her for the baby girl that is due in August of this year. After finding out that the baby is a girl she told me the room is green, pink and yellow.  I then told her to make sure I was invited to the baby shower and I would then have it ready by then.  I decided to crochet her two blankets, one for the car seat and one for the baby to use as a toddler.

I am using some sport weight yarn for the first blanket.  It is going to be for the baby car seat.  I have worked a hole into it for the crouch strap to come up through.  It is pink and white variegated, lavender, and green so far. I have to find some yellow to put with it.  I have been given so much yarn that I have desired to use what I have on hand and not go buy any more yarn.

The other blanket is going to be made with some already leftover granny squares I was saving for a time like this.  I have taken pictures of them as I laid them out on my bed to try to see how they would look.  This one is going to have many colors and many textures of yarn.  Some are soft and some will soften up as it is washed.  This is like a learning blanket.  I also plan to find some white or off white to crochet them together and to trim or edge the whole blanket. 

I will also finish a sweater I have been working on that was intended for my granddaughter but will fit a baby at age 4 to 8 months old.  My granddaughter is growing faster than I can crochet for her.  The sweater I crochet for my granddaughter will be much bigger than I had been told she wore.  All in all I have much crocheting to do and a little bit of time to get in all crocheted.

Pictures to come.

Crochet for children

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I crocheted these 3 sweaters

I crochet 3 sweaters each for a little girl.

This is the sweater for the 5 year old.

Back of sweater
This is the back of the sweater for the 5 year old.[slideshow]


I was crocheting a sweater for my oldest granddaughter that I thought she could grow into. I am trying the sweater on her as I was working on it. It just so happens that the short little girl started a big growth spurt as I started the sweater. It is now too small for her. I have not had that problem since her aunt was little about 27 years ago.

Back then I was crocheting a little jumper for my oldest daughter. By the time I finished it a week later she had grown to the point it was 2 sizes too small. I then saved it for her little sister the mother of my granddaughters. She wore the jumper to day care as did their younger sister. It was too warm for them to wear often as we live in a warm climate.

I am now looking for white yarn in a sport weight so the sweaters will be used when in the A/C. The sport weight yarn is also good for young children to wear as many times worsted weight yarn is too hot for them. Unless it is outdoor winter wear then the lighter weights are best. 

I finished the sweater that I started because I thought I will give it as part of a baby shower gift next month.  I also have a white sweater and a white with off white sweater crocheted in the worsted weight for my granddaughters. These sweaters are long sleeve bulky looking that I did with a 9 mm hook for most if it and then the lower part of the sleeves I switched to a 6.5 mm hook. I added one set of ties to the front of the white one and I think I will put 2 sets of ties on the other one.

I had also crochet two Rapunzel hats for the granddaughters as well.  One is done in rose with a pink flower and the other is pink with a rose color flower so the girls will know that it is theirs and the other one is her sister’s hat.  I hope their mom will be ok with it as she thinks they should be the same.  The one for the younger child has shorter braids and the older child’s hat has longer braids.

Many baby or children’s blankets can be crocheted in sport weight of worsted weight as well as the sweaters and jumpers.  Many times the children will like bright colors but adults prefer pastel colors for children’s blankets.  I like to ask what the child’s favorite colors are so the child will want to use the blanket.  I also like to as what the parents preferences are if the blanket is for a newborn.  

      Many times I crochet the colors of the parent’s favorite sport team.  This makes for non-traditional colors for a baby blanket.  Many sport teams use bright and/or contrasting colors.  Babies and young children like bright colors and contrasting colors.  They do not like pastel colors as much as pastels look blurry and the bright colors catch their eyes better thus helping with eye sight in the growing child.

Note: The picture of the blanket is crocheted in royal blue and orange is for my daughter the mother of my granddaughters and my “Gator” fan in my family.

Daughter’s birthday gift

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I crocheted a hat my daughter asked me to crochet for her birthday.  She went with me to pick out the colors she wanted it to be. She said she wanted it bright.  I picked up yarn I thought was bright. She kept saying to me it was not bright enough. I finally stepped back and let her pick what she wanted.  We ended up with Caron Simply Soft as they have the brighter yarns.  We also had to go to 2 different stores in to different cities to get the yarn. 

One thing I like about it is now I have yarn to crochet more hats or even a shrug to go with the hat.  I have a few months to decide as it is only June and Christmas is half a year away.

Sky caps also known as the Santa Hat by Marion Davis

These are not first ski cap I crocheted.  I have crocheted many of these over the years and everyone that I crochet is one more that gets me an order for another one.  The ones I have post pictures of were all crocheted during the period from December 2011 to January 2012. Many while I road the bus shopping for other items. I crochet them in as many colors as people would like.  I do not just crochet them in red and white.  I have used black and brown, navy and white, pink, pink and purple, navy and white, orange and royal blue, black and white, berry and holly & ivy and pine, as well as multi-color and gray.  The possibilities are endless as the color of yarn combinations.

But it is the first one that I crocheted using post stitches as the brim trim. I gave this one to a friend as a gift last winter. I then had to crochet one for all of the many children at her house.  Each one posted here was crocheted because of this one hat I crocheted to give to my friend.  Crochet one and everyone wants one but in their choice of colors. Here below are the others I crochet just because I crocheted this one cap.

The pink and purple one was one of the caps I crocheted as another gift.  This time for a winter birthday. 

Pink and Purple Ski Cap     

Below is Isaiah ski cap.  This one was crocheted just for Isaiah using a multi-color and gray color also I used some scrap yarns.  The reasoning behind this is Isaiah is “all boy” and likes bright colors.  I wanted a hat that when he lost it as school or left on a bus it would be easily spotted.  

Ski cap in black and orange was crocheted because my son’s friend wore her’s to school and wanted one in a school color.

Each ski cap was made to order so each wearer now has the color cap that he or she wants to wear.  I asked what the favorite colors were for each person before I crocheted them.  Many were crocheted while I was riding the bus and going to take care of other errands.Each cap was crocheted using yarn I had left over from other crochet projects.  I used yarn that is machine washable and machine dry-able so that it would be easier to take care of it.

White and Red Ski Cap

White and Red Ski Cap

Brown and Black Ski Cap

Crocheted cap in brown and black for a young man.

Isaiah’s Ski Cap

Gray and multi-color ski capAll ski cap shown here were crocheted as a gift.  I would however crochet a ski cap in a color or colors that you choose. Please leave me a comment here if you would like.  Prices will not be discussed in discussions.  I will never post a price here as all prices are subject to change just as the price of anything changes.

My Stocking Cap

My Stocking Cap right view.

Crochet Hats by Marion of icrochetforyou

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