Crochet Sweaters for Reborn Baby Dolls

I stared to crochet for new babies when ever I got invited to a baby shower.  I crochet the sweaters big enough so that the new little one can grow into them. I all got started about the time the little one in the top picture was born. He is in middle school at this writing.

Then I showed them to my step-daughter and she liked them so well I was then asked to crochet some sweaters for her “Reborn Babies” that she makes. Because she sells more of them to people at Christmas time they look even cuter wearing a crocheted hat and sweater set. They wear a newborn or even a preemie size sweater so now I have been crocheting them to fit a 3 to 5 pound baby. The yarn I use is thinner than what I use for the 18 month size and so the hook I use is smaller too by believe me there is the same amount of work that goes into crocheting them.

I crochet the Reborn Baby sweaters the same styles as I crochet sweaters for human children

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This too was crocheted for a real person. The daddy is holding the sweater and the hat is on his lap. Taken at a baby shower.

I was told that weather can damage their “skin” so the Reborn Babies must be covered so they do not get cold or melt. Because it is hot where we live we cannot leave it in a car when we go out any place. We take it into the stores and restaurants with us. This draws attention when we are out with one but the crocheted sweater and hat get noticed almost as much. That is good business for me. I get to make a sweater and a hat for each one sold to someone.

New born size sweater.

Crochet hexagon sweater in Christmas colors.

I have included this link so that you can look them up for yourself.


Crocheted Coasters

Granny square Coaster using Cotton Yarn

Granny square Coaster using Cotton Yarn

I crocheted many coaster in July. I crocheted more in August and then many more in September and October and November. I finally counted the ones I gave away as gifts to come to over 130 coasters. Here is the brake down on the coasters. I gave 12 as gift at a bridal shower. Then I gave 4 more away as a birthday gift. I gave away 130 at a Jesus Birthday party to single mother’s and 2 more as gifts just because I wanted to give them away.

I used cotton yarn of all kinds of brands that I had left over or had bought and stashed away to crochet all the coasters.  All can be machine washed and dried.  Some as you can see have more than one color and some I used up scraps to make them.  I crocheted many in one color or from one strand of yarn. The ones I ran out of yarn in the middle of the round I just added another color of yarn till that color ran out and changed the yarn again till I finished the coaster.  All were crocheted in three rounds of double crochet and then one round of single crochet followed by one round of reverse single crochet stitches.

Two Easy to Crochet Babies and Tots Sweaters Explained

Crochet Top Down Sweater

Crochet Top Down Sweater

Royal blue and multicolor crocheted top down toddler sweater

Royal blue and multicolor crocheted top down toddler sweater

I have written about crocheting for children before but I am now crocheting many baby and toddler size sweaters. What got me crocheting them is all the babies that some of my friends and family members have been having the past few years. I have essentially just 2 patterns I have crocheted much when it comes to sweaters with sleeves. One is the “hexagon sweater” and the other is a top down sweater. Both are very easy.
The “hexagon sweater” is crocheted making 2 hexagons and then putting them together by slip stitching or by sewing. I prefer the slip stitch method of putting them together as it is easier for me. The sweater will end up needing some finishing off to make it look more professional or finished looking. I like to add some length to the sleeves and I single crochet around the neck, down one side, across the bottom and up the other side. I usually start at the back of the bottom and work around the piece from there. Some of the time I will crochet ties to both sides of the front. But sometimes I sew on buttons and sometimes I add ribbons for ties.
Here are some of the pictures of some of the hexagon sweaters I crocheted: Lipstick baby sweater This is one I was working on. I since finished it.

Forest Green Baby Sweater

Forest Green Baby Sweater

I used a soft cotton yarn in worsted weight for both of these.
For the next one I used cotton yarn that felt more like string but washed up nice. I crocheted ties in finishing this little sweater made by crocheting 2 hexagons.
Crochet hexagon sweater in Christmas colors

Crochet hexagon sweater in Christmas colors

This next one is a pull over style still made with 2 hexagons. class=”size-medium wp-image-329″ /> This is a pullover hexagon sweater.[/caption]
Back of the pullover sweater.

Back of the pullover sweater.

I showed the back of this one so you can see how I made the two halves the same.

Now let me tell you about the crochet top down sweaters. I like this method better as I can use whatever yarn and hook I want and can make it with long sleeves, three quarter sleeves, short sleeves or cap sleeves. I can finish it off like I do the hexagon sweater and I can make it as short or long as I want to make it. I have even crocheted this style for adults using measurements of the wearer. The main reason I like it is because it is so easy to make. I just start out with a chain and crochet back and forth till the sleeve row. Then I get to skip for the sleeves and continue crocheting back and forth till I reach the length I need. Then I crochet around the piece and then I go aback and add sleeves that I crochet in rounds for the desired length. No seams to sew!!

Back if the royal blue sleeves and multicolor crocheted top down toddler sweater.

Back if the royal blue sleeves and multicolor crocheted top down toddler sweater.

Royal blue and multicolor crocheted top down toddler sweater

Royal blue and multicolor crocheted top down toddler sweater

Mint green and white sweater f Mint green and white sweater b

Crocheting a Baby Blanket

I am crocheting two baby blankets for a new mom.  She asked me if I would crochet a baby blanket for her for the baby girl that is due in August of this year. After finding out that the baby is a girl she told me the room is green, pink and yellow.  I then told her to make sure I was invited to the baby shower and I would then have it ready by then.  I decided to crochet her two blankets, one for the car seat and one for the baby to use as a toddler.

I am using some sport weight yarn for the first blanket.  It is going to be for the baby car seat.  I have worked a hole into it for the crouch strap to come up through.  It is pink and white variegated, lavender, and green so far. I have to find some yellow to put with it.  I have been given so much yarn that I have desired to use what I have on hand and not go buy any more yarn.

The other blanket is going to be made with some already leftover granny squares I was saving for a time like this.  I have taken pictures of them as I laid them out on my bed to try to see how they would look.  This one is going to have many colors and many textures of yarn.  Some are soft and some will soften up as it is washed.  This is like a learning blanket.  I also plan to find some white or off white to crochet them together and to trim or edge the whole blanket. 

I will also finish a sweater I have been working on that was intended for my granddaughter but will fit a baby at age 4 to 8 months old.  My granddaughter is growing faster than I can crochet for her.  The sweater I crochet for my granddaughter will be much bigger than I had been told she wore.  All in all I have much crocheting to do and a little bit of time to get in all crocheted.

Pictures to come.

More Hats I have Crochet

   I often crochet hats to give to others as a gift.  I also have crocheted hats and caps to sell.  The only different is the ones I crochet to sell there is no one to tell me what colors I can make the hat as I have not met the potential customer yet.

These are some of the hats I have crocheted.  Some in cotton and others in acrylic yarn.  All are crocheted it women and men alike.  Anyone of these hats I am willing to crochet for you in the color of your choice.

 The hat on the left was crocheted using cotton yarn.  It is the same hat I have on.  All I did was turn up the brim to make it look more stylish.  It was designed for the summer.   

The other three are crocheted in acrylic yarn and designed for the winter.  I crocheted each one in a different style but they are all the same easy to put wear kind. Each one comes to just below the ears or mid-ear depending on the wearer.   The orange and blue hat is shown on a little girl but we tucked her hair up under the hat as it was braided.

Scroll down to see more hats both in cotton and acrylic yarns and all crocheted my me.

Stripped Cap

Crochet Hats by Marion of icrochetforyou

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