I want to win this book!

Crocheted Snugglers Easy Blankets for Baby Book
Publisher: Martingale
ISBN: 978-1-60468-317-2

I want to win this book as it will help me crochet baby blankets that are different than the ones I crochet now. I want to donate the blankets to a charity. I usually crochet granny squares and other easy patterns but they are getting to look too much alike. So with the patterns in this book I know that the patterns will be different for each baby boy and each girl for a while. I will post here if I win and I will also post the pictures of each blanket I crochet using the pattern book.


My Crochet Bag and How I Changed a Pattern

Close up of the bag

Close up of the bag

This is my green and black bag.

This is my green and black bag.

Materials used:

Worsted weight yarn

Main color: Black

Contrast color: Green

Other colors: scraps

Button of your choice (I used one that came in a pack of 6 that I had left over and matched)

Crochet hook size K

Note:  I saw a pattern I want to make but I changed my mine half way through the first half of the pattern.  Here is the link http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/trendy-tote-bag

I started the pattern as written but then I knew I did not have enough green to make the tote and thought I would make shoulder bag instead.  I had my gauge a little tighter so I added a few more chains to start than it called for so I ended up with an 8 inch by 11 1/2 inch bag.  My strap is 3 inches wide.  I trimmed it in just a single strand of yarn around the strap as it was easier to work with.

The rest of the bag is worked using 2 strands of worsted weight or number 4 yarn.  One color, black, is worked all the way through while I changed the color for the bag by dropping the green and adding another strand of yarn as I went.  I used up some very small balls of yarn for this part.

I added a flap to my bag so that it has to be opened to take things out.  I crocheted one strap so I can wear it across my chest.
When I got the first half of the first part of the pattern crocheted I then folded my piece and stitch it on the one side and around the corner and across the bottom. I then wove in the end all the way to the other side and back as the first row is a double crochet in very stitch row. This also brought the color I used at the top to the bottom of the bag. I then used the two colors I started with for the straps and the flap. I single crocheted them to make for less stretch in the bag. The bag does not need lining as it is very tight and I will not be putting small items that will poke through into it. I worked in my ends as I went along so I did not have to weave in any but at the part I mentioned.

If you like this bag and do not crochet please let me know in the comments as to your color choice. I will be happy to crochet you one.